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Illuminated handbags crafted with smart, practical, and wearable technology

Elena Drevke Tote Bag ValentinaElena Drevke Tote Bag Valentina
Elena Drevke Illuminated clutch DariaElena Drevke Illuminated clutch Daria

Start Glowing Within Again!

Glowing Within

Elena Drevke’s bags incorporate both high-quality materials and innovative built-in LED lighting features that are both stylish and functional. The lights can be turned on with the press of a button, illuminating the inside of the bag so that it is easier to find items in low-light conditions. Customers rave about the convenience of this feature, and the quality and durability of the bags. They call it the bags of the future!

With Elena Drevke’s products, you will forget about endless erratic fishing for personal items sitting inside your bags. Elena Drevke’s illuminating handbags will let you save time and help you find anything from a lip gloss, pill case, or car keys to a cellphone, eyeglasses, or a notepad. Our functional and original accessories are sought after by those who want to stand out and make a statement while also having products that are useful and convenient.

What Our Customers Are Saying . . .

"I can apply my makeup in the car (not while I am driving), and there is enough illumination from the purse to check it, which saves me time."

Karen L Rutherfordt

"When I was at a restaurant, I had someone approach me to ask where I got my bag. They have never seen one like this before. I like people's reactions because it makes me feel special."

Sharlet Hgenaars

"A great idea while looking for my keys inside my handbag. The illuminating fabric is an amazing idea. I use it as a light to open my front door as well. Great safety option!"

Laura Manning

"Your illuminating handbag is the greatest invention since the light bulb because now I can finally flick a switch and see everything inside my handbag with ease and tranquility, unlike in the movie Ghost when Whoopie Goldberg frantically shakes everything out of her bag because the frustration of not being able to see what’s inside got the better of her nerves."

Shamus O'Donnelen

"Elena Drevke’s clutch is something else! This new technological idea will help millions of people. Personally, I stopped buying bags with the black liner a long time ago, because it’s impossible to find anything on the bottom of it!"

Emma Robertson
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